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Operation Purge Clothing Complete!

I set the goal of cleaning out my closets and drawers today (noted in the Morning OT). Here’s everything from two closets and 10 drawers.

Here’s kitty “helping”


And finally, everything in ONE closet (and the drawers were rearranged for under garments and casual clothes - t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, etc.) There even was room for all of my scarves!! 

I still have far too many clothes (sweaters are on the shelf above on the right, purses on the shelf to the left), but it is a good start. I removed for donation over 90 items with another pile that didn’t merit donation to be thrown away.

Of course I made sure there was room for the NEW stuff I had already ordered in a moment of weakness.


I organized all shirts (sub-organized by type then color), skirts, and pants on one side; jackets and dresses (organized like the shirts) on the other.

How do you organize what’s in your closet? What makes sense to you to be able to find everything and put things together?

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