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Operation Rehome Moondog


I need to re-home my dog.

This makes me really sad but also hopeful that she'll be happier somewhere else. I've so far, submitted two surrender requests to a rescue and the Wisconsin Humane Society. It feels more real now and also, I'm starting to freak out a little. The thought of my dog in some concrete and chain link area surrounded by stressed out dogs barking (my memories of a humane society from childhood) was so upsetting I had a really hard time sleeping.


I'm going to contact a couple more rescues today and hopefully something can be set up. I want what's best for my dog and family.

I ask you, groupthink - anybody out there looking for a small dog? She is not for a home with children but has lived with cats fine. She's dog-reactive on walks so probably not for a home with other dogs either. She loves to go camping, take long walks, snuggle in your bed, and sneak bites of mac and cheese if she can get away with it. This dog's ideal life is eternal pets on the couch and a fluffy comforter to snuggle up in.

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I live in Southern Wisconsin but am willing to drive halfway to Chicago or Minneapolis if that's where her new forever home is.

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