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At some point this week, it isn't clear exactly when, the hashtag #OperationAmericanSpring started popping up on social media. Here's an excerpt of their ... well, self-titled "assumptions" from their website:

  • Millions of Americans will participate.
  • American veterans and patriots are energized to end the tyranny, lawlessness, and shredding of the US Constitution.
  • Government is not the target, it is sound; corrupt and criminal leadership must be replaced.
  • Those in power could use force against unarmed, peaceful patriots exercising their constitutional rights.
  • Patriots could be harmed, but not expected.
  • There is no hope given today's technology of secrecy for the effort nor do we want it secret.

This is an example of what Chris Hayes of MSNBC has called "epistemic closure." This is a nice, academic way of saying "getting high on your own supply." Remember when Karl Rove, supposed evil genius mastermind of the GOP, freaked out on Fox News the night of the 2012 election because he was so, so dead sure that Ohio was going to swing Romney? While it is tempting to believe that this was because he knew of GOP vote suppression efforts in key districts in the state (for which there is some evidence), it was really simply because the GOP relied on its own analytics and data, and ONLY its own, for information about the election.

Something similar is going on in the conception of this "patriotic protest," which, predictably and sadly, has turned out to be just another excuse for shitheads to come out and show their asses. They really believed this roughly 100-person (being generous) EPIC PATRIOTIC EVENT was going to be attended by "millions of people." They really believed their own paranoia about "the shredding of the US Constitution," and, obviously, their own garbage about the reasons why that's happening.

From the Raw Story article:

Operation American Spring spokesman Terry Trussell told the "Patriot Nation" radio program that he feared Obama would order drone strikes on protesters, and host Mark Hoffman suggested participants bring emergency supplies and make other preparations in case of violence.


We have no faith in the ballot box any longer, as many believe this sacred secret box has been compromised.


Sir? Sir, put down the flagpole, please. We promise you no one wants to compromise your secret box.

ETA: Here's a piece from the Washington Times about the sad lack of results from this "patriotic action" and the further delusions its organizers are holding about turnout over the weekend.


ETA2: This story has been edited to reflect the fact that the original tweet was *not* actually an image from the event. There's more than enough desperately stupid images from it popping up online, though, and we'll add more as we find them.

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