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I’d imagine we have a few states that could use this kind of analysis. Anyway, Holy Baby Jesus Christ Fuck Almighty Mother Of God, do I hate North Carolina.

I know a ton of people there - I grew up in SC and a lot of people I know, my brother included, moved to NC because outside of Charleston (and even in it), SC is not much fun for a young cool person, particularly one of color. North Carolina used to be kind of a flawed haven - where you could keep much of your culture but be around some more enlightened people. Comparatively to SC, that is.

I want to pull all their hair and be like YOU HAVE BEEN DISENFRANCHISED, ARE YOU ANGRY? LET’S FUCK SOME SHIT UP!


God, we’re all so tired though, huh? A snippet:

In the just released [Election Integrity Project] report, North Carolina’s overall electoral integrity score of 58/100 for the 2016 election places us alongside authoritarian states and pseudo-democracies like Cuba, Indonesia and Sierra Leone. If it were a nation state, North Carolina would rank right in the middle of the global league table – a deeply flawed, partly free democracy that is only slightly ahead of the failed democracies that constitute much of the developing world.


When it comes to the integrity of the voting district boundaries no country has ever received as low a score as the 7/100 North Carolina received. North Carolina is not only the worst state in the USA for unfair districting but the worst entity in the world ever analyzed by the Electoral Integrity Project.

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