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Opinion : Pokémon Go is still awesome

On most articles about this game, comments generally range from “PG isn’t as good as it used to be” to “Niantic is evil and wants to destroy happiness.” I’m playing it more than ever, though, and realized the other day how much I like it, even now.

I don’t even mind that the tracker sites are down that much. They were convenient, but unless you were willing to drive around from block to block, I don’t know if they really offered that much help since most pokemon don’t stick around that long. Since they’ve been gone, I get more of a thrill on the rare occasions that I do find something rare.

This game has probably been the best thing for my health since, well, I can’t even think of an equivalent. I’m walking 3-5 km most days now. I’ve walked about 350 km since I got the game in August. I even started running a bit to try to hatch more eggs in a half hour period. I never thought that would happen.


I’m also discovering more areas of my city that I never would have experienced otherwise. On Monday I had the day off and walked a solid 8 km through blocks of beautiful old Victorian houses, two different parks, and down along the river. Maybe I shouldn’t need an excuse like PG, but I never walked around so much before I installed it.

I even like the fact that it’s so much harder to level up now! If not, I’d probably be almost done with the game. As it is, I’m at level 28 and may never get to 40, but I’ll have ages to keep trying.

So: am I alone here? Who else still likes it this much?

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