I am pondering doing so to provide some ADA cover if, in the future, they decide that I'm just "not worth it". Nowhere near that now though. They seem happy with me and I received a good evaluation and raise in July.

I have started missing work again after a few months of feeling really good and being extremely punctual and reliable.

My boss has brought up the fact that I am making multiple small stupid mistakes and he thinks it's because I am not taking my time and am rushing my work. I believe it is related to my bi-polar disorder. My mania manifests itself in shopping (OMG THE SHOPPING!) and not being able to concentrate and doing things too quickly.

My depressive episodes result in me not being able to get myself to my office. I usually sleep until about 10 and then just watch tv the rest of the day.

Of course then my anxiety kicks in and I'm scared I'm gonna get "in trouble" for missing work.


Have any of you had this discussion with an employer? If so, how did you start things off. If not, are there reasons or concerns that you have not said anything.

TL;DR: shit is fucked up and bullshit.

Here's a funny