Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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What if one of your coworkers in a small office gets promoted to your boss, but they still take vacations with one of their best friends who is also a coworker and now their employee? I don't expect them to not be friends anymore, but you know, it's hard to think she won't be biased when it comes time to decide things like pay raises or work assignments. And honestly, it has me feeling a little left out. It's not her fault she's developed relationships as our coworker and then is promoted to boss. I don't expect her to cut ties or anything. On the other hand, she's our boss now, and you can't play favorites. I wouldn't vocalize this to her because I don't want to rock the boat (and I am moving on next summer and want good references), but it just makes me feel weird. Can someone make me feel better about this situation?


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