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Opinions please- Should I resign via email?

So I decided to leave my nightmare job. The company handbook requires employees give three weeks notice. I just now accepted a new position elsewhere. I asked if they could give me three weeks but they could only do two and I really want the job so I said that was fine and accepted it.

Now, our office is closed today and doesn’t open again til the 27th. I told new company that and said I want to resign in person so they said ok, resign on the 27th and start two weeks later, that’s fine for them.

But now I’m thinking, since I know my current job wants as much notice as possible, should I go ahead and email my resignation right now? Is that rude or is it good because it gives the most notice? It’s a small family owned company and I know the boss checks his email every day. Or do I wait until Wednesday and do it in person?


Any advice?

Edit- Thank you, everyone for the wonderful advice. It was so helpful. Because one boss has young kids still (so I don’t want to risk ruining their Xmas) plus I still have some personal belongings in my office, I have decided to wait until I can give my notice in person. It will still allow for two weeks notice so that will just have to be good enough for them.

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