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Opinions Roundup

Things in my mind that I want to hear your opposing viewpoints about:

  1. Some people on my Facebook feed believe that the terrorist win if we don't show The Interview. I understand the principle, but if I owned or operated a movie theater, and the government was taking a threat like that seriously, I would too.
  2. I'm, like, bonkers confused about Cuba, but it seems like the main thing is they are lifting an embargo, mainly? Other than "OBAMA DID IT SO WE HATE IT," I don't understand being opposed to this.* Isn't it a matter of free market, that the conservatives should support? Furthermore, we are "friends" with plenty of countries with horrible track records. I mean, China, Jesus. I also understand that being young, my opinions on this are going to be different, because Cuba has always been "that place I'll never go to" to me.
  3. Children were taken from a couple because of an unassisted home birth (link has a video that plays automatically, FYI). My more "granola" friends are actually the ones up in arms about this one, not religious people. I do not support children getting taken away for this reason, but there have GOT to be regulations on this - I don't see why people think you should be able to do this without professional assistance. Birth is extremely dangerous for mother and child. I have never been pregnant, so I don't have the same emotional connection to a birth plan. [UPDATE: rdcedar adds this article with more updates about the case]

*Apparently Rand Paul is siding with Obama on this one (probably peddling his stupid libertarianism). I am wondering if it will start becoming trendy for Republicans to side with him (I mean, like once) to show bipartisanship and distance themselves from the extreme fuckfaces.

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