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Opposite Lockers?

Can a member please share for me? I need educated answers.

Just off the phone with 4th of July Man. We came home with 70 clams & 14 crabs on Saturday from a State Park in our kayaks (yes! derpy!) So much gorgeous nature times & so much fun.

However...if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle you can buy a permit to fish on the ocean for the entire weekend. Meaning, drive carefully on to the beach & fish all day & night. Camp. Small fires are allowed. Fish love the night time.


4th of July Man’s truck is 2 wheel drive, my car is all wheel. I would say I was grasping at straws here except my car is marketed for these adventure times. All wheel, plus options for terrain, so...

Opposite Lockers! Can a Subaru Crosstrek handle beach driving?

eta~ dinner, round one.

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