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I just had the best houseguest ever! She stayed at my place for several days to work a job in my area, and so she was gone all day at work and never made any mess or disturbance at my apartment. For context, she is a friend of one of my family members so we aren't close but I trusted her to be a responsible person and she definitely was!

She was literally zero trouble at all. I guess laundering the sheets and towels is something, but that's it. It's actually a little funny because her schedule and my roommate's never overlapped (my roommate was asleep before she came home at night and gone before she got up), so she stayed here for nearly a week and they never met.

And when she left? She handed me an envelope of money to be a sort of "couch rent"—and that envelope contained TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS OF ACTUAL MONEY! The bills have these blue strips on them that have a sort of 3D motion effect to them, very fancy.


I'm just speechless you guys. I opened the envelope after she left and I actually squeaked out loud when I saw what was in it. I was definitely expecting like twenty bucks!

Tl;dr I am now a rich woman. Bow before me, peasants! Bwahahahahahaha!

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