So, I'm only working for Ginger Joe Clark until Nov 8 (but really, I'm being treated as a daily sub and never signed a contract stating I'd be there until the 8th).

Today, I got an email from one of the wealthiest towns in MA asking me to come in for an interview ( "I would love to interview you to discuss your application"). The posting said the job started the 1st of Nov. In my email to her, I said yes, I'd love to be in but asked that she push back the time as I'd be coming from about an hour away.


1. Do I tell her that I'm with GJC until the 8th?

2. Do I tell her I can start whenever and just leave GJC?

3. How do I do #2 without upsetting GJC?

The pay is more than double what I'm making now and the drive would be more convenient and I'd be at a school that would look SUPER good on my resume, and teaching there would be easier, and it's until March so the paid would be great!

EEee! What do I do?