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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Or worse, EXPELLED!

And by “she,” I mean me.

Here’s the shit that I should be handling right now:

1. I just started a high pressure new job which means I...

2. ...no longer have time to do schoolwork during the day like I used to...

3. ...schoolwork that includes 3 papers and 2 final exams for my classes that take place Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays...


4. ...oh and I fucked up my student loans for the year (did y’all know that there’s a Spring I AND a Spring II??) so now my account is on hold (no adding/dropping classes) until I can pay $6,000.

4. My move to a new apartment got bumped up to 2 weeks from now.

5. I’m a bridesmaid in a dear friend’s wedding and that Facebook thread is OUT OF CONTROL. Nothing is planned and everyone’s being a butt.


6. I have an intense, rigorous hike planned for June that I haven’t done any training for because of the above (plus a righteous chest cold)

But instead of handling all that like an adult, *~I WANT TO WEDDING PLAN~*

You heard me! I want to email venues and make spreadsheets and stare at my ring and imagine my adorable little nieces in flower girl dresses, god damn it! I want to put off all of these extremely important issues in favor of a frippery event happening next spring at the EARLIEST!


Don’t mind me, I’ll be sitting over here thinking about what I’ve done.

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