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Oregon People, Help Me Out

I have now been in Oregon for 3 days. I'm loving it so far (!), but I need to ask Oregon GTers some questions with regard to driving habits and car-related things. Y'all have some explaining to do.

1. What's the deal with gas pump attendants? I mean, I understand the official reason given to justify prohibiting us from pump our own gas like normal people. I read the state law and everything. Does it bother you at all or is it normal? Will I ever get used to not pumping my own gas?

1a. Do you tip the gas pump person? Some dude in Salem hung around my car after finishing up and I felt like I was supposed to tip him but all the other gas-pumping people have zipped off to help the next customer. If I'm supposed to tip I will, but I will hate every second of it. I have the fine motor skills and all appendages needed to pump my own gas. I will be bitter as hell about it.


2. How chill are your state patrol officers on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 being "holy shit don't ever speed anywhere or they'll arrest you if your speedometer even nudges over 55mph" and 10 being "they have better shit to do than pull you over unless you're committing a felony moving violation". I feel like I've seen way more cops pulling people over since I've been here but I've also seen a huge amount of dangerous driving habits compared to where I used to live.

3. Is everyone judging me for my out-of-state license plate?

Help me understand your state, Oregon people!

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