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Have I asked this before? I don’t know. I need a way to keep track of my “clients” for commissioned art (I guess they are clients). Like, a way to keep track of deadlines and specifics and contact info and when I’ve talked to them, etc. I’ve been using calendars and spreadsheets that I designed but it’s like...someone has to have come up with an app or software for this right?! Does anyone else have work structured like this and how do you stay organized? My biggest thing is I want to be able to seamlessly file and keep track of finished projects and keep others prioritized by deadline date. All the software/apps I have found are like, wayyyyyyy too complex (and expensive) for just a single little old artist.

I have an incredibly shitty memory so this has been like an ongoing project, because I am positive I’m going to drop the ball somewhere and I’m up to my ears in orders for the holidays (which is great and terrifying!).


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