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Orpha Black Finale

Edit: oh my god I made the exact same typo as last time in the headline. I'm going to leave it in there anyway again, because now I feel like it's a 'thing' that I do.

Spoilers ahead!

I posted about watching this a while ago, and I normally mainline shows (like Iron Mam did with OitNB just now), but work got cray hectic so I only just finished the finale - I hope other people here have watched it, because I have SO MANY QUESTIONS.


You guys, you can't just slap the patent wording on something and make it patented? Like, this whole human cloning thing is so outside the law that there's no way they could have patented the genome according to current patent law, right? How would they even do that? They'd have to submit each human genome to the patent office, which would probably be like "hey, this is a patent for a human genome, so uh no, you can't do that." Right?

I know the law is still evolving, in lots of countries, but in the US, patents have only been granted on isolated gene sequences, not on whole genomes. Plus, I'm pretty sure even if you owned the genome, that wouldn't translate to owning the organism necessarily. Like a company might own the genome of a particular mouse used in drug trials, but that doesn't mean they own every mouse. The mice are used in heaps of different labs, and are owned there by the people that bought them. And you can't even own people anymore, so how would that even work?

So I don't really understand the conflict? The patent couldn't be valid? And don't they know that they're part of an illegal experiment so the law doesn't really apply at all? And those signed contracts will also mean nothing?

Have y'all seen it? What did you think? Am I completely missing the point?

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