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Orphan Black: Reaction/Discussion Thread



OMG OMG OMG SHE'S ALIVE! I actually did a death rattle gasp and flailed around when the boots/theme showed up.

  • Alison + musical theatre = PERFECTION. Also, I know Jordan wants Alison to have an affair with her drug dealer/arms dealer and I am on board with that.
  • Speaking of Jordan: DAT ASS. Sad the first ass wasn't Paul's but Jordan in leather chaps with nipple things (he had nipple things, right?) was beautiful.
  • Also, Paul was an ass for most of the episode, so. Ya know.
  • Art knows a lot. A suspicious amount of a lot. I am suspicious of your knowledge, sir.
  • When Delphine told Aldous that Cosima was sick, I said 'THAT BITCH'. HDU. You had sex in Fe's bed. That's sacred, man.
  • People need to stop having sex with their monitors, guys. It's just not working out.
  • Totally surprised that the religious group has Kira and not DYAD. That threw me for a loop. Now that Helena is alive, it will be interesting to see what will become of Kira & Siobhan.
  • And I thought we'd learn more about Siobhan this episode, but that'll have to wait.

What are your thoughts?

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