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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi guys!

I remember Lauren Davis used to do some really splendid recaps of Orphan Black, but after poking around Kinja tonight there doesn’t seem to be any thread set up to replace her old ones. So, this post is it! Tonight we were introduced to “The Collapse of Nature,” and a lot of stuff went down that was mixed up with episodes right back from series 1. If you want to talk about Orphan Black, the clones, or Jordan Gavaris’s glorious self, here is the place.

Now for my own thoughts on the episode—spoilers from here on out, of course.

  • I know a lot of people wanted to see more of Beth, but I never really cared for her. She served her function in the story, which was to get Sarah involved; I don’t see the need for adding another character to Maslany’s packed schedule, especially when we know how this character will end.
  • Poor Art.
  • I never want to see Dylan Bruce again. The man is cardboard. Get him out of my face.
  • Poor Art.
  • The thirty-second cameos for Felix, Alison, and Cosima were delightful. Alison being totally clueless with guns? Terrific. Cosima not being mired in drama and bad decisions? Great.
  • They were really only cameos, though :(
  • Poor Art.
  • I’m not really feeling the new clone, yet. I wanted more Krystal action (she became my favorite clone in about ten minutes last series), and I’m unsure how this new one is different from Katja.
  • Glad to finally have some resolution on the Maggie Chen thing!
  • POOR. ART.
  • Overall, I was disappointed—this felt like an overly long retread of Series 1, instead of taking us forward with all the cliffhangers left by Series 3.

What did you think?

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