Well, my cable is still down, but luckily Space started streaming the episode tonight so I got to see it. Obviously there are spoilers ahead.

First off, I am feeling very uncomfortable with Delphine. She pushed Cosima away, while promising to love all her sisters equally. Then she follows that up with torturing Rachel. Doesn’t seem very loving. Glad to see that Cosima is picking up the vibe that maybe she can’t trust her.

Scott’s back! I was worried him being the potential scapegoat in the pencilling of Rachel’s eyeball, since he delivered the device to the lab, but thankfully no one is looking to get revenge for that right now. I said it before at the end of the last season, but I really hope that Cosima’s sexless wonder jokes about Scott come to an end after he stuck his neck out like that for her sister in the finale. She could be really mean to him.

Mrs. S’s deal: I don’t think S really appreciates how close Sarah and Helena have become. I understand why S did what she did, but I think it was a bad idea.

The project Castor clones: So did DYAD capture a rogue clone? The one with the moustache told Mrs. S he didn’t work for Major Davis (?). Are they rogue or under the command of another officer? How did the Castor clone at DYAD know Helena was missing? He was captured before S traded Helena, I thought. And If he wasn’t, and is a rogue, how did he know Helena was missing?

Why have these two clones been grabbing Project Leda clones? A rather obvious answer is that they are attempting to reproduce, and hoping to scoop up some fertile clones? I have a theory that the father of Helena’s children is actually Mark, not Henrick the scientist/cult leader Guy. If the Castor clones want to reproduce with Leda clones, then there would be a strong incentive for Mark to do a switcheroo with the sperm samples. It’s been pointed out that the Castor clones would probably be sterile like the Leda clones, but it seems to me that the easiest way to accomplish this in men, without impacting hormone levels would be to give them a genetic defect where they are lacking vas deferens to transport sperm into the semen. If that were the case, then they would still produce sperm which could be extracted via syringe if you take my meaning. Yes, I have been thinking way too much about Project Castor biology.


Or maybe the Castor clones are trying to make the Leda clones aware of their status so they can band together and fight back. Hopefully it is something more than they are just psychos anyways.