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Do any GTers watch Orphan Black? I just caught up on the last two episodes of the season last night and I have to say...

The end sequence when Sarah was looking for Kira blew me away. I found the entire episode very haunting. I love this show so much and can't wait for it to come back next season.


I see a lot of discussion about it on io9- understandable since it has sci-fi elements- but I would love to see Jez write about it. A sci-fi show with an amazing set of female leads, all played perfectly by ONE actor. It also deals with ethical issues surrounding reproduction and with the patent revelation, they'll be fighting Dyad for control over their own bodies next season, which I don't remember Charlie Jane addressing over at io9.

Tatiana Maslany deserves ALL the awards. Also I used this photo because Helena pouring sugar into her Jello was my favorite thing ever.

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