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Orphaned baby squirrel crisis averted

But I don’t advise this resolution ... So, I’m walking the dog past the park and I notice some kids under a tree, fussing at something on the ground, and I’m, hmmmm; suspicious.

There’s a baby squirrel there, and when I questioned them, they said that yes, they had moved away from the squirrel a while ago, to see if the mother would come back; she didn’t. The baby was climbing on their shoes and they said it had fleas, and according to the Toronto Wildlife Rescue, these are both signs that the baby is orphaned; they wouldn’t normally approach people and the mothers keep them clear of fleas.


I told them I would take the dog home, and be back with a cat carrier, and I’d take it to the Wildlife Rescue place (not mentioning that they might actually be full up, but whatyagonna do? Leave it? It wouldn’t survive). So when I arrived back, one girl said “I’m going to keep it!” Uh; not a great idea. “My mom raised one when she was a kid; she’ll know how to raise this one”. Okay, well then; let’s talk to the adults involved.

I talked with the Dad, explained that the Wildlife Rescue would probably be best, but that they might be full up at this time of year. He seemed cool with keeping it, the girl (about 12 years old) seemed very gentle with it, and people have raised them as pets ...

Anyway; this isn’t a solution that I’d advise, but A) it looks like the little one will survive and B) it’s not my responsiblity (sigh of relief). I said several times that they should call the rescue people, but it’s out of my hands at this point.

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