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I saw zero movies nominated. So utterly bored although the skit of African Americans replacing the white actors was very funny.

Chris Rock described Hollywood Racism as being like Sorority Racism as in “we like you but” similar to “you can’t join”. I suspect that may have been phrase of the night.

I am not sure what sorority racism is but he made it almost ok. Almost trivialized it with that phrase.


He at one point tried to put the protests in context to the 1960s where their protests were more important. I hate that. I have known many people who say “if you think you have it bad think of .... now they have it worse then you”. Very patronizing. A shaming and trivializing what one goes through. Every rational person knows there is probably someone worse off but it does not mean how you feel is not important. I got that vibe from Chris Rock when he compared how people feel today to the 1960s. Its trivialization of ones feelings and shaming folks for how they feel.

Your thoughts.

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