I’m super hopped up on adrenaline just now because I just had that skype job interview I had talked about last week. Excuse the rant.

It went...okay? I can’t tell. After checking my Skype half a dozen times, the call started and suddenly there were sound problems. I think it was an issue on their end, but I’m not sure they realized.

They also gave me a surprise Spanish quiz where I had an open ended writing prompt and 20 min to write. It am...not happy with what I wrote, less because it was in Spanish and more because I had no idea how to answer the fucking question.

The main thing is, I’m really intimidated by this job. Like it sounds amazing in a lot of ways but also really fucking scary. I’ve been trying these days to break myself of this pattern where I take the most challenging route possible in all things. (Most of the time I succeed and end of feeling proud of myself, but it’s also led to me feeling really unhappy and stressed out a lot of the time.) So, who knows. And hey, they haven’t offered my the job yet anyway.

What thing in your life are you spending way too much time overthinking?