Heard this on NPR today. #dies (listen to the audio, #worthit)

  • Grievance 1: Monday after a total failure of a week last week, wherein I try to regroup and figure out WTF it is I am there to do everyday because I forgot over the weekend due to some sort of faulty wiring in my upstairs. #caseofthemondays #workinghardorhardlyworking
  • Grievance 2: I’m finding the end of Gawker jarring. Not so much because I liked to read about everything through Gawker’s lens (after I read about it as real news), but just the magnitude of the fall of such an institution. #bulliesgotbullied #justdeletedmybookmark
  • Grievance 3: While I’m flitting about the office in meetings and whatnot (without my phone), my friend apparently decided to text me every single time her smoke alarm beeped with some variation of “OMG BEEPED AGAIN OMFG KILL ME”. I called her at some point and was like “REPLACE THE BATTERY, I KNOW YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THIS” and she was like “well yeah. That’s why it’s beeping. It needs a new battery.” #aldgkja;rgkhaofrghqe;fiagh;oqrghslkfdjhsklj
  • Grievance 4: Left a large rabbit vibrator out on my nightstand and my landlord’s dad came over to do some work on the house today. Based on the layout and very bright color and location of said vibrator, there’s NO chance he didn’t see it. Like, he definitely saw it. #IknewhewascomingbutI’mabsentminded #soblessed
  • Grievance 5: I am too good at everything at work and keep doing a bunch of different jobs that are not my job, which I like to do so I cheerfully agree and then 10 minutes later go OMGWHATWASITHINKING. #ranoutofhashtagsdon’twanttodothisanymore


So what’s shakin’?