Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I feel like an idiot because I should have double checked an address and I may have screwed up our entire schedule for next week.

Yeah, so Monday work planning call, we were trying to figure out who could be where in the next few weeks. Boss says, Monday and Tuesday we need two of us onsite with a new client in [Town]. I say, “Oh, [Town] is on the train line and I’m geographically closer than other people. I can do that. So, we plan out who’s doing what where, and I figure, yup, train leaves 8 am, 1 connection, I’ll be in [Town] by 9:40 and get a taxi wherever to be in meeting by 10 easily. Grand.


Except, I just double checked the address because I’m procrastinating on something else, and the client isn’t in [Town]. It’s in [Village] that’s a 20 minute drive outside of [Town] in [County that has the same name as Town], and I don’t have a car.


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