Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Edited: I posted this seconds before seeing Andy’s OT post right below it. So feel free to post your Trump piglet photos under there!

Hi all! I’m in that wonderful state of unbelievably bored, yet unwilling to do anything. I’ve been sick for the past five days and am basically a broken woman because of it. Melodramatic (and beyond privileged, I know) but true. Anyways, let’s not fall into despair but let’s share random things! Highs, lows, questions, woes! I have a couple of random questions to get us started:

Anyone here into growing herbs? (This is not a euphemism for pot.) I have the worst brown thumb in the world, but I’m also obsessed with the idea of lovingly tending to a delicate plant and growing it into food. My impression is that herbs are finicky in general, but are there any ones that are more robust than others? I live in the northern Midwest, so something that can grow indoors would be ideal, but I don’t know if such things exist.


Secondly, anyone watch any good documentaries or even current events things (talkshows, long-form news shows) lately? I’ve watched enough bad TV to feel sick of it, but watching something more informative might be a compromise between not wanting to do anything and feeling guilty about it.

Finally, post your favorite pics of random animals as Trump (darn, if only he was an adorable piglet):

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