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Heya everyone. Whatchadoing? This is BC here joining you from the luxuriousness of my bathtub. What you been up to? Any thyroid people out there wanting to commiserate? Or just share whatever! OT time!

So how did I wind up hanging out in my bathtub writing to you guys? Quite honestly? I’m bored out of my skull. You see, for the second night in a row I’ve cancelled plans with friends because my frail head can’t handle joy right now. By joy I mean chatting and laughing; they both require more energy than I am currently privy too. So instead I get to choose: a fun evening an unable to work tomorrow? Or a quiet evening in and not having to go home due to exhaustion. As you see, there isn’t much choice in the matter.

Because I teeter on the edge of exhaustion every other hour, I’ve decided my evenings will be screen-less. No laptops or TVs. No games or tv shows. (Roomie is in the living room playing a videogame on his massive tv) I just cheat a bit with my phone. This is a challenge. The current book of short stories I’m reading seems to have way too many recurring man-fantasy dreams/perversions to be a coincidence, so its a challenge. And one can only stare at the wall for so long before going crazy. So bathtime it is! I found a facial in my stash that’ll keep me busy for a few minutes.


I do feel a bit better than yesterday I’ll admit. So either the no big screens thing is working, or the fact that I already adjusted my meds despite not having received the results of my bloodtest yet. If the weeks of melancholy, lack of appetite (I lost 9 - 10 pounds already and Ive never lost weight before in my life! Of course I also had stomach and swallowing issues but they should be doing better by now, I just cant seem to get myself to enjoy eating again) and exhaustion are any indication, my thyroid is being a right asshole again. Such is the life ey?

So what are you up to? Hows work? Home? Health? Life? You? Share away

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