Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

In honor of the approaching weekend, I thought it would be nice to share experiences and tips on resilience, persistence, remaining motivated/positive, and also any and all of your successes. What are your ways of staying optimistic and resilient, whether it comes to careers, personal lives, or navigating the fact that the news nowadays often sounds like something out of a dystopian movie?

I used to be fantastic at throwing myself at challenges, and perhaps not unsurprisingly, if you work hard and believe strongly enough that something will work out, it often will. I think it also helped me to not be fazed by inevitable failure and rejection. Nowadays, I’m much worse at it, partly as a lingering effect of a series of failures (or “failures”, but I haven’t been able to fully get onboard the idea of failure being productive) several years ago that left me questioning my abilities in pretty much every aspect of my life. But I’m trying to regain my former “hustle” attitude!


So share your stories of how you try, try, tried again, or news stories of people who achieved something after working toward it for 50 years, or your strategies for focusing on successes and abilities instead of lack thereof!

ETA: I’ll be in and out for the day, so apologies if I’m slow in responding.

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