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OT + Pokemon event

Middle of the day before American Thanksgiving (at least it is here). Are you at work with that impending-weekend feeling? Did you leave early?

I’m catching up on my invoices dating back to September or so. I don’t have a time tracking/bookkeeping program yet so I’m still doing it all in Excel and it’s so. tedious. Plus, there is something about invoicing that makes me anxious. Like I’m not worthy. Even though my customers seem to think I am.

Plus, my ADD clinic has ADD. Long story short, they didn’t call in the meds they said they’d call in last week, I called them but their protocol is to take messages and call back “within 1 working day.” This is the fourth administrative screwup since I started going there in February. Possibly the fifth.


We got a last-minute-ish invitation to have Thanksgiving with Cronyboy’s bro and SIL and their son who is on a gap year between high school and college. We will be driving up (about 4 hours) with the widow of Cronyboy’s older cousin, let’s call her V; she’s in her 60s and didn’t learn English until she moved to the US 10 years ago (and didn’t learn a whole lot of English until her husband died and was no longer translating for her). So I haven’t spoken a lot with her and I’m hoping to change that/anxious about possibly having trouble understanding her/not sure what we’ll talk about. Well, Cronyboy will be in the car and he knows her and her husband better. Anyway, V’s daughter (no longer in Russia) is working against Putin so we’re guaranteed no Trump supporters at this dinner unless Cronyboy’s nephew has gotten rebellious and stupid. Which is doubtful.

So we have to get the house immaculate before V shows up at 9 am tomorrow. And the car. HAHAHAHAHA *cries*

If you need an excuse to get away from your annoying relatives, though, there’s another Pokemon event on. Double XP and Stardust through the 30th!

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