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Welcome To The Bitchery

Anyone here know if Egypt (Hurghada in particular) is a good vacation option these days?

We’ve had a fruitless and frustrating week in the land of health and both boobieguy and I were quite at the end of out rope. We did turn all the anger and hopelessness into a positive; we want to go away for a week or so at the end of the month. Last minute, resort style, just planting our butts in the sand and enjoying the sun. Not my usual holiday but deffo what I need right now! So we ran into some deals for Hurghada and thought that might be a good idea, but we wondered about safety. It hasn’t been given a total thumbs up by our government yet, but a tentative “welp I wouldn’t go there but you can if you want I guess..” and I wondered if anyone here knew more about the situation there and if it’s safe to travel. And if anyone has any tips!

I have some dietary needs that I’ll need to check if one od the resorts can accommodate (mainly: no fatty/greasy foods, more veggie less meat and no spicy) but other than that all we want is to do as little as possible and recharge (maybe take a daytour to the pyramids while were there..) any tips?

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