In the health and beauty market, bad skin care products are considered especially heinous. On the internet, the dedicated women who investigate these vicious items are members of an elite squad known as the skin care victims unit. These are their stories.

[clink clink]

I’ve used Cerave’s hydrating cleanser for a long time, but even with my Clarisonic it doesn’t really stop the acne buildup on my chin area. Nothing outrageous or traumatic, just your average hormonal acne. I usually take care of it with a blackhead tool. I changed to a more thorough (but dryer) cleanser in the morning with the Clarisonic. Better for many weeks, possibly months (?).


Hooookay. So I started getting little bumps under my skin, they appeared after I started on a retinol oil, I stopped to see if it was in face the retinol. Bumps hung around. I had a sample of Dermalogica’s microfoliant and have been using that, the under skin bumps are reducing, but it’s bringing whiteheads and pimples to the surface. I can’t tell if my skin is pissed or purging. My diet has sucked lately so that’s something probably.

ANYWAY I was wondering if anyone had used either of these cleansing milks or has a recc for very gentle/milky, but thorough cleansers. Tell me about your skincare stuff or talk about whatevs!