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OT Things That Tick You Off

On my end, it’s the “WTF Friends with Dogs” edition.

I have several friends with dogs that just don’t clip their toenails. I grew up clipping dog toenails (because we sure as fuck couldn’t afford to have the vet’s office do something we could do perfectly fine ourselves) and it’s old hat now.

My friends neither take their dogs to the vet for clipping nor do it themselves. All the dogs came to them as puppies, so it’s not like they couldn’t have been socialized to put up with toenail clipping from their humans. I don’t understand why you would let them walk around like that - it’s not comfortable and can damage their feet and ankles from walking incorrectly.


It’s not like it’s that hard. My dog weighs about 110 lbs and he lets me clip his nails — I did it earlier today! Excuses range from “their nails are too strong for the clippers (BULLSHIT the dog weighs 35 lbs, it’s not the clippers) to “I don’t like doing it, what’s the big deal anyways???” On more than one occasion I have taken clippers over to their house and took care of their dog’s toenails.

Another friend hasn’t taken their dogs to the vet in several years. Several years of no check-ups, shots, or heartworm meds. And they live in the South where mosquitoes are a year-round threat. I just don’t get it — they can afford to go to the vet.

Anyhoo, that’s my WTF People rant for the day.

Care to share any rants of your own?

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