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(OT) This picture of Cohen that Splinter keeps using

Illustration for article titled (OT) This picture of Cohen that Splinter keeps using

looks like he was just unmasked by the Scooby Doo gang.

OT or whatever. Here are my stray thoughts:

  • I have got to take my car in because it is clicking when I turn and I guess that means there is a problem with the CV joint (yay google?). I’m hoping that problem is not too expensive, and that they can fix it quickly, because we only have one reliable car (not usually an issue where we live and with our schedules) but this week....it’s an issue.
  • I am turning into a rage-filled shell of myself as I feast on the undead corpse of the Trump administration. I laughed at something at a party the other day (unrelated to politics) and my friend was like, “your laugh is so WITCHY these days” and that is not typical. I think I’m becoming evil. I don’t mind.
  • My husband drank a few drinks last night with his friends and SNORED LIKE CRAZY all night, which caused me to not sleep great, which led me to have some weird dreams. One of them was that I was kidnapped and forced to be a in K-Pop group. 1) I’m not a singer or dancer or any kind of performer so it’s not like a secret fantasy 2) I’m not young and cute 3) Why kidnapped?

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