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Other Fun Tidbits From My Day

Less rage-inducing than the homophobic asshole previously mentioned.

My Russian cab driver today advised me to have babies. I'm still unsure if he meant babies in general or specifically his babies. One baby per year was the guideline he provided. My best friend who is also Belarusian and I are often deemed old spinster hags by our elders. Time to get on the baby making!

A tennis player at work judged me for eating pizza at 10 pm. He walked past me and said "why are you eating dinner so late?!" BECAUSE FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHY. My best friend suggested I stand up and start screaming NUNYA BIZNESS and bark at him. In retrospect I totally should have done both of those things.


I enrolled in pre-calculus for the upcoming semester yesterday, so today I emailed the professor asking if I missed any emails he had sent out and if he could let me know which textbook I would need for the course. He responded with "you didn't miss any emails. Check the text with the department." I asked Consort and my best friend to translate that and neither were able to. If anyone on GT can, please let me know.

My debit card decided it does not want to work anymore. There is money in the account. I am not seeing any holds put on my account. I know the card wasn't stolen because...I have it. But it does not work. Awesome.

BUT! I did make sure to wear wool socks today so my foots wouldn't freeze, like they did yesterday. Small victories!

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