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Other Grad Students/Academics: Help?

I'm supposed to be writing a review paper for a special edition of a journal. I procrastinated a lot this summer (I read a lot, but I still have a huge pile in my "to read" section) and now I have put myself on a pretty ambitious deadline so I can finish with lots of time for editing. I'm pretty good at writing, I'm fast and good at stringing thoughts together in a logical way (when I'm focused, which has been a problem this year), but I have no experience writing anything like this. I've only ever written technical stuff for school or internships or REUs, so nothing with this complexity or amount of information. I'm using EndNote to organize my papers and have them tagged according to the section I think they're going in. Other than that I'm kind of at a loss for how to proceed. Any tips, tricks or advice? I planned for a month to edit, is that enough? How do I balance writing with reading with editing?


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