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Other tattooed Jezzies, question!

Is it normal for this shit to be so sore?

Let's recap a bit - I have six other tattoos, none of which took more than 30 minutes to do. Three have color in them but not a ton and there is barely any shading on them as it is.


This beast I just got is obviously large (there's a pic of it on GT from earlier), took 2 1/2 hours and the majority of that time was spent coloring and shading - so, something I've never experienced.

Basically now (around 6-7 hours later) it's still pretty sore, especially if I lift my arm, and is a bit swollen. I'm assuming it's just because of the insane shading/coloring, not to mention the amount of time I had needles being poked into my skin for.


It's just that my very first tattoo got infected, so I get nervous with every new one. For more reference on the recent one - the skin around it isn't red (as far as I can tell, the tattoo is pink after all) and it's not warm to the touch. It pretty much just feels like a sunburn - sore, slightly burning, uncomfortable to move that arm.

So, is this all normal/ok? Or is it horrific and I need to see a doctor and get my arm removed?

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