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So, the one night stand boy declined my invitation for further sexing, which is a little bit disappointing because I was kind of looking forward to another round of sex but with added food and television.

But it's cool, and uncomplicated, and he was perfectly lovely. Two thumbs up, would recommend to a friend for rebound fling.

Other than that I'm really behind at Uni. It's postgrad and an intensive course, and I feel a bit lost. I was hoping to get some study buddies, but that hasn't really worked out so far. It's all just whizzing past at a breakneck speed. I don't even know my way around campus yet, and the course is halfway done.


The two jobs that I have are very very quiet at the moment, so I'm looking for short term work, like a month or two, and not really having any luck. I sent out eighty applications the other week.

Then after the end of Feb I'm going to start a new job search in the new area.

So it's a bit complicated and messy and uncertain, which is the story of my life, but hopefully soon it won't be.

And! Hopefully I'll be moving into a friend's house in a couple of weeks. She's moving out, so I'd be living with her other friends, but that's awesome, and it's a great place, so fingers crossed for that one.

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