Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

While leaving with the kiddo to meet a friend at the park I got stung in the neck. I'm assuming hornet, because what other bug would be as much of a straight up asshole. Ugh, they're such jerks. And it's all nice and hurty and swollen. Awesome.

Between this and the Mosquitos I'm ready to cut down every tree and just dump sand all over the yard. Instead, I guess I will be reasonable and spray for the stinging jerks and get my bat house up for the Mosquitos. I'm pretty sure the deer, turkey, fox, rabbits and whatnot that all live in and pass through our yard would prefer that to a giant 2 acre sand pit.


I'm just glad it got me instead of lil guy because this shit huuuuuurts. Wah.

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