I have a headache. A hideous headache. It's day 3 of the Devil's Punchbowl. I'm hot, even though it's not particularly hot here. I'm crabby.

Perimenopause is not as much fun as everyone is saying!

Wait. They aren't saying that.

You know, we need to talk about this part of life a bit more. About what can happen and so on. Did you know perimenopause can cause feelings of dread? Yes. Neither did I, until I experienced it. Did you know that hot flashes are actually uncomfortable? Right. And sometimes, you experience cold flashes as well? Right. Then, there are the headaches. The fatigue. The weird changes in your cycle.

Did you know that if you mention these symptoms, other women will say obnoxious things like, "Yeah, I never had those problems. I just stopped having periods." And then, THEY WILL SMILE.

Yes. Perimenopause causes obnoxiousness in others as well. I'm certain it's a side effect.