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Welcome To The Bitchery

UPDATED: Ouchie Poo

Went to doctor. Muscle strain. On prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers. It hurts to breathe. I need a nap.

Thank you for sympathies and gentle hugs.


I feel no good.

I am in excrutiating pain on the right side of my body—rib area. I don't think it's muscular or skeletal. I have an urgent dr. appt later today. Theories so far are: kidney infection, lungs, internal brusing. I haven't injured myself or fallen. I woke up like this two nights ago, but my neck/shoulder were in equal pain and that has gone away. I think that may have been a severe kink from sleeping funny. I did introduce a new memory foam mattress topper that could throw my sleep off, but not just on the right side. Today the pain is WORSE and just located in my ribs and I am having trouble taking deep breaths. Everyone's pretty worried.


But then I keep thinking that if this pain follows the pattern of my life, which is one of absurdity and eye-rolling adventures, then maybe this is a giant gas bubble that got stuck in my ribs and won't move on and hence the soreness. That would be very embarrassing but very relieving.

I have no other symptoms—no fever, not nauseated, my limbs can all move with freedom, etc.


I feel no bueno and want hugs... very very careful and delicate hugs.

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