Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Our Baby Cheezus? Or, baby *Cheezits?!!!

Our imaginaryfriend, the friend who brought us a pizza conundrum today, made us consider the importance of Cheese. So much to consider, but the cheese is foremost because wasting cheese is a crime. Everybody knows this is true.


Crackers, bread, grilled, fondued, sliced, chunked, melted. Stringy & stretchy. The BEST junk~food flavor that ever junk~fooded. Don’t even get me started about the pizza cheese, fer fook’s sake.

Sandwich Cheese, sprinkle cheese, grated business, cheese~cheese.

F**king Cheese. You can’t hide; cheese is the boss of me & perhaps you. Meat is sometimes involved in the most delicious way, mostly sandwiches.


*Nephew on my lap for Christmas Mass: “Where is Baby Cheezits?” He moved up my expiration date because I nearly died laughing:)


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