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For those of you who worry that connecting with your democratic reps and senators isn’t helpful - IT IS! Someone was just on the national news commenting that Democrats are under huge amounts of pressure from their constituents to NOT work with DJT. He said that we are demanding that our blue members of congress resist - and they feel like they have to.

It’s working everyone - don’t stop, don’t get tired, don’t feel like it’s not worth it or that it’s not doing anything. It is - and it will.

By the way, when I called this week, I ended with this: Please be bold, resist - take a stand and communicate your stances and actions to us.


You know the saying about an ill wind blowing good to someone? It looks like one of the positive consequences of the national reaction to the ban has been that it has shown muslims and people from the middle east that we care, that we aren’t islamophobic as a whole, and that we believe they belong here.

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