He’s been sort of a well-known never-Trumper, since he ran as an independent for president. He and his former running mate, Mindy Finn, have had a nonprofit since the election called Stand Up Republic. which has just launched “a public campaign aimed at building support among Republicans for consolidating the various congressional Russia-related investigations into one empowered and fully funded select committee.”

The goal is to bring public pressure to bear on the White House and Republican congressional leadership to elevate the investigations by taking them out of the hands of the congressional intelligence committees, which don’t have proper resources or support to do the job, according to McMullin. The committees are already strapped for cash, according to some leading Democrats.

“Russia’s activities were a major, complex event that requires additional resources to investigate fully,” said McMullin. “I simply don’t believe that congressional Republican leadership are serious about investigating Russia’s activities and Trump and his team’s connections to Russia. Republican leaders are interested in limiting the political costs and limiting the scope and depth of these investigations.”


I mean, I definitely don’t want him in power but I do like how much he wants to take out Trump. For all his faults, he at least has that old school conservative consistency of ideology, and recognizes the danger of Trump and the hypocrisy of Republicans in colluding with him. Doesn’t seem like a bad wagon to hitch to...