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Our holiday celebration mayyy be today... (with Sazerac link and popper dip update)

So because we're classy...

Pina colada* and blueberry + vanilla vodka** will report on how that worked.

*I usually make pina colada with pineapple "gelatin-dessert," coconut rum & coconut milk but elected to skip it for brevity because I'm also making lemon bars (the dessert, no booze) and a jalapeno popper dip that's dead easy but a little time consuming.


**Because the new liquor store I went to didn't have vanilla rum. I'm dubious. But they're gelatin shots, how good/bad do they really need to be?


Find one of these on eBay - they have a swivel bottom and it takes like 5 seconds to juice lemons. I inherited it from an uncle that was in the restaurant biz and would cry if I lost it.



SALTED butter for lemon bar shortbread crust, bitches. Plus, please note the Burt/RebeccaRose approved canned A-Rita. (OK, she drinks lime, but still.)


Update/ETA: I also occasionally drink wine and nice cocktails. Occasionally. It's mostly gelatin shots & cheap vodka.


This is all of the good stuff in jalapeno poppers (jalapenos, cream cheese, some cheddar for good measure, bacon, plus a little sour cream & mayo to get it "fluffy" plus Ranch style dressing/dip mix for MSG added flavor. I also had to spice it up with some extra pickled jalapenos and sriracha because the jalapenos weren't spicy enough.)

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