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Last night, the woman who lived next to us apparently shoveled out the walk in front of her house, then the common area and our neighbor's path... and skipped ours. There's just a patch of untouched snow in front of our house.

Now, I didn't expect anyone to shovel us out. I'm just amused, because, I swear, she did MORE work just so that she could be sure that we knew she was snubbed.


She's honestly hated us since we moved in and found out we were renters. When I told her that we didn't buy the house we were moving into, she immediately made a sour face and cut off our conversation. Since then, she's said, maybe, a dozen words to us, and all of them have been passive aggressive in one way or another. I also suspect that the fact that I'm divorced is worked in there as well, as she made a face when I informed her of that as well.

Sorry, honey, but I trained with the elite monks of passive aggressive tactics, AKA Southern Women. I can piss you off without breaking a sweat, while you have to work hard to even get me to notice that you're slighting me.

People like her are the reason my husband and I are looking at different areas of town when it comes to buying. While most of my neighbors are great, there are more than a few that have bought into the idea that this neighborhood is "better" than any of the other ones. It's the one where the "nice" people live, and the other neighborhoods are for the "trashy" people. Seriously, it's just another crappy suburban subdivision with a pickier HOA and artificially inflated home values.

It rubs me really wrong, because if you talk to these people, you quickly pick up on the signaling words that indicate that this division is really about SES and race and families that don't fit their idea of the 'ideal' family.


I hope my landlord finds someone loud and obnoxious to follow us.

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