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Our one year anniversary

You guys! Today is my dog's one year adoption anniversary! She was brought into the shelter as a stray and I fell in love with her on first sight. She was so scared that when they brought her into the meet and greet room, she bolted and hid under the bench. I knew she was a keeper, though, when I knelt down and she peeked her head out to give me a kiss.

When I brought her home, I discovered that she was really sick with kennel cough and covered with ticks. Despite being an adult, she didn't know how to walk on a leash or walk up stairs. I think that in her previous home she had been abused because when she had an accident in the house, she punished herself by crying and hiding under the bed. She was so sick and scared that she didn't eat for 3 days after I adopted her.

Here is a picture of her on the night that I adopted her. She kept her leg up like that all night because her spaying incision was really inflamed:


It took her almost a week to feel playful enough to play with the toys I bought for her. Here is her first time that she played with a chew toy (she destroyed it within the day, the little rascal):

And here she is today enjoying the lamb bone I bought for her as an anniversary gift:


I always hate when people go on facebook and write some gushy, disgusting post about their anniversary with their partner and how great their partner is, blah blah blah. BUT it wasn't until today that I really understood why anyone would do that!!! Because I'm so happy to have had her in my life this past year and I want to share that joy with you all!!!!!

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