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Our story Part 2

So I suppose I owe it to everyone to finish the story I started. Sorry it's been a while, Mustang has been grilling us and I did not sleep well on that train so I wasn't in the best of mood to deal with his crap. Now where did I leave off? Oh yeah…

Al and I decided after mom died, what we had to do. We were going to bring her back using the one taboo Alchemist's have; human transmutation. You see Alchemy is not magic. It's a science, changing matter, but not creating it. The idea is called "Equivalent Exchange ". To get something, something of equal value must be given. Human transmutation fails because while you may have all the chemical components of a human body, what can you use for the soul? Well I didn't care about that. I knew I could make it work and Al….well he went along with it because I was the older brother and he trusted me…..he trusted me.

We found a teacher who was willing to teach us advanced alchemy and after a few years of studies we returned home. We drew up a transmutation circle on the floor of our house and placed all the components that make up a human body. I thought blood would be enough to make up for the soul. Everything started off well and then…..it all went to hell.


The circle turned into a giant eye. And streams of black with hands came out of it. Then grabbed Al and…broke him down. It was like seeing him turned into pure data. I tried to grab him but he was dragged away and like that, he was gone. I could feel myself being grabbed as well, ripped apart at my very essence. And suddenly, I was with….Truth.

At least that's what he called himself. He said said he was the universe, he was God, he was One…and he was me. A giant stone door was floating in this white room, just the door me and him. Suddenly it opened and I was dragged inside. I could see everything; it was like all knowledge of the universe was being crammed in my head. It was so painful but at the end of the tunnel I was being dragged down, I saw The Truth. I knew my theory had been right but there was something missing. I asked to be sent back in but he told me for my toll that was all I could be given. Then I realized what he meant. My left leg was gone. I then awoke back in the real world in the most horrible pain you can imagine. I don't know how I did but but I somehow dragged myself to a suit of armor on the floor. All I could think off was trying to retrieve Alphonse before it was to late. I drew a mark in my own blood on the armor and transmuted. Well it worked because I was able to get my brothers soul into the armor. I don't know why I am telling you all this, you just seem like people I can trust. But there was another toll. This time it was my right arm. But it was worth it. I was able to save Al. But I must have passed out. Al had to pick me up and take me to the home of the Rockbells, whose daughter Winry was our best friend. They were automail engineers. I guess you don't have that in your world. It's a type of prosthetic limb but made of metal. Sturdy and solid, it is a very impressive tech but Winry could give you more details on that. She's the gear head. But I probably would have died if it hadn't been for Winry and Granny Pinako. I had to be awake for the operation but the pain was bearable because I knew it was nothing compared to what he was going through.

The operation was a success and while we were recovering, we were visited by a Col. Roy Mustang, a State Alchemist. Granny was furious and wanted him to leave, called him a Dog of the Military. Not surprising considering what happened to Winry's parents….maybe we'll talk about that later. But the Col. Told me I could become a State Alchemist and have access to the resources of the military in Central City. Maybe with time and determination a way could be found to restore our bodies back. So I accepted, went to Central, became the youngest State Alchemist ever and my brother and I are now looking for any lead on a way to get our bodies restored, including the legendary Philosopher's Stone, which is said to allow for unlimited transmutation without abiding by the laws of Equivalent Exchange.

Well now you know our tale. I guess I'll end it for now. We're back to square one but it's ok. Just gotta keep moving forward, that's all you can do.

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