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Out of the Huddled Masses, One Has Been Chosen

Thank you all for the suggestions and literary banter late last night, Groupreaders! I've added some of them to my Goodreads To-Read list, and one of them I extracted from a dusty corner and promoted to a more prominent bookshelf. I have made my reading decision...


The winner is Imajica, by Clive Barker

You see, I recalled a promise made to a dear friend quite a while ago to read a book, I ordered the book a slightly lesser while ago, started grad school, and never had time. After the somber erudition of Portrait of a Lady, I need a change of scene, style, and language. SO, I've started reading Imajica.

CB is a great storyteller — do you recall the (original) movie, "Hellraiser"? That's based on his novella The Hellbound Heart. The movie "Nightbreed" — with crazy awesome makeup and artistic effects — is his novel Cabal. Lastly and bestly, he wrote and directed the film "Lord of Illusions" based on his short story, The Last Illusion. I love that movie and story — it's occult mystery plot meets film noir detective. The Hivemind was talking about Scott Bakula the other day; I don't think this was the post I recall seeing his name in, but it's all the GT search turned up. Anway, digression.


Any other Clive Barker fans out there?

Important note: This in no way deters me from pursuing yet another leisurely reread of A Feast for Crows. House Martell forever!


(Image from Google, it's part of the original cover art)

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