Thank you all for the suggestions and literary banter late last night, Groupreaders! I've added some of them to my Goodreads To-Read list, and one of them I extracted from a dusty corner and promoted to a more prominent bookshelf. I have made my reading decision...

The winner is Imajica, by Clive Barker


You see, I recalled a promise made to a dear friend quite a while ago to read a book, I ordered the book a slightly lesser while ago, started grad school, and never had time. After the somber erudition of Portrait of a Lady, I need a change of scene, style, and language. SO, I've started reading Imajica.

CB is a great storyteller β€” do you recall the (original) movie, "Hellraiser"? That's based on his novella The Hellbound Heart. The movie "Nightbreed" β€” with crazy awesome makeup and artistic effects β€” is his novel Cabal. Lastly and bestly, he wrote and directed the film "Lord of Illusions" based on his short story, The Last Illusion. I love that movie and story β€” it's occult mystery plot meets film noir detective. The Hivemind was talking about Scott Bakula the other day; I don't think this was the post I recall seeing his name in, but it's all the GT search turned up. Anway, digression.


Any other Clive Barker fans out there?

Important note: This in no way deters me from pursuing yet another leisurely reread of A Feast for Crows. House Martell forever!


(Image from Google, it's part of the original cover art)