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Out of This World / Superpowers

Did anybody else watch this show back in the day? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_Th…

It was my FAVORITE as a kid. I would fantasize about having Evie's superpower of freezing time. I could like win all the races and rob banks and stuff! Sometimes I even touched my fingers to see if I secretly did have this power (spoiler: it didn't work. It also didn't work when I tried to have telekinesis after reading The Girl with the Silver Eyes.)

Anyway, I was thinking of it today because I would murder someone to have this super power so that I could take a freaking nap while at work.


I think the only problem with this superpower would be that you would age normally while time was frozen, so you couldn't abuse it too much.

What superpower would you have? I think I would go with teleportation. If I had teleportation, I could be like, "Coworkers, I'm going out for a 15 minute errand," teleport to my bed, nap, and then be back at work! OMG, can you tell I really want a nap? (Yes, I know that if I had teleportation I probably would not have a normal job!)

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