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I have a job interview tomorrow. Usually I'd be fine with what to wear because I'm a CNA, its always been ok(at least in my experiences) to wear scrubs. Freshly ironed scrubs but still. Of course I'd try to class it up by wear my hair nicely and putting on eyeliner and gloss but still...motherfucking scrubs.

This job is more of a...combination of my previous duties and administrative assistant duties. I know I'll probably have contact with the patients under the supervision of the physical therapist. Helping them walk and doing passive range of motion exercises. I'm not quite sure, I've seen the rehab tech/aides work as I move through the floor but I never sat down and talked about it. If the patient/resident has to go to the bathroom I'll probably toilet them. I'll probably wipe down the equipment and help clean up. I know I'll do scheduling and ordering supplies and general things like that.


Anyway, all of this to say I'm confused about what to wear. My thoughts is to keep on and wear my best set of scrubs and prettify myself. I know that I can't make a bad impression with some trousers/slacks and a nice sweater but I don't own that. I can't afford to go shopping. I could borrow from my mother but...that won't go well. She'll pick and prod and make me feel self conscious right before the interview. So I'd rather not.

Anyway, if anyone has experience hiring in that field do you have any advice? Can I get away with scrubs? If I have to raid my mom's closet, what should I raid it for?

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